pyXDSM is a python library to generate XDSM diagrams in high-quality pdf format.

What is XDSM?

The eXtended Design Structure Matrix (XDSM) is a graphical language for describing the movement of data and the execution sequence for a multidisciplinary optimization problem. You can read the paper by Lambe and Martins for all the details.

How to use it

The following pages provide detailed info on how to use the python library:

TikZ and LaTeX

You need to install these libraries for pyXDSM to work. See the install guide for your platform.

Embedding the diagram directly in LaTeX

In addition, the file, mdf.tikz, can be embedded in another .tex file using the \input command:

\caption{Example of an MDF XDSM.}

The following is required to be in the preamble of the document: